Hi, I'm Kristen aka The Food Nurse!


Get your FREE guide: "3 Secrets to STOP Overeating Now" here:


I'm Kristen aka

The Food Nurse!

Get your FREE guide: "3 Secrets to STOP Overeating Now" HERE:

Lose Weight Naturally. 
Feel Amazing. 

The 8 Week Reset



A 8 week private 1:1 coaching program to heal your relationship with food, stop overeating, balance hormones and lose weight now. 


The Bad News... 


You have been on every single diet known to this planet, you've cut out entire food groups, you have switched over to expensive health food brands, you exercise, you have done juice cleanses and intermittent fasting, keto, mediterranean diet, Weight Watchers, and you STILL feel like crap and are struggling with chronic fatigue, digestive troubles, anxiety, inflammation, constipation, brain fog, stubborn weight that just won't budge, and the list goes on....

The Good News...


It's not your fault.  The truth is that so many of our foods are loaded full of risky, harmful additives and the food companies spend a lot of money to try and make you believe that they are healthy.  Food companies use a tactic called "health-washing" to disguise the alarming amount of synthetic, heavily processed, GMO ingredients in their foods that your body doesn't recognize.  The good news is that there is a simple, sustainable solution to this problem. Feeling like shit doesn't have to be a life sentence!

The Best News...


I am going to teach you how to eat in a way that fuels and nourishes your mind, body, and spirit so that you can feel your best, boost your health, and lose weight with ease.  Say goodbye to crippling fatigue, dry and itchy skin, insomnia, horrible bloating, stubborn weight that won't budge, inflammation and cravings that keep your snack attack urges going strong. The best part of all?!? No calorie counting, no point tracking apps, or eliminating entire food groups required! Eat more, and eat your favorite foods to feel better then ever before!

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